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Urban Studio Project  

Mentor: Zvi Harel

The project focuses on the urban area of the Wolfson Interchange, which is the connection point between the three cities of Tel Aviv, Holon and Bat Yam. 
The project enables traffic movement in an area that is urban, but makes room for parks and pedestrians by opening and connecting roads between the neighborhoods and cities. 
Within this urban environment, there is a high level of consideration for maintaining open spaces amongst the dense construction, and therefore, future construction will be built to the height. The further expansion of existing construction affects the ratio between the built and available space.
One of the decisions made as part of the project is to remove parking spots from the residential block in order to further open connecting paths. 
The main boulevard in this project: Heinrich Heine is a main road connected by a bridge over the park that connects to the train station square and continues to the residential boulevard. Jerusalem Boulevard will be a continuous green road with a mix of residential, employment and commercial uses.


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