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Technology Studio Project  

Mentor: Tal Gazit

Modular flower market design:
About 20 modular structures used for storage and sale of flowers.
The needs of humans and the needs of the flowers were the planning engine for the features of the work.
The flowers need light, moisture and temperature so the structure is designed to preserve the natural flowers.
In addition, the choice of market location came from the desire to bring green and nature into the bustling industrial areas of the city.
The design included a modular connection between the units in order to allow roaming and connectivity between the buildings and the market in general.
The units are connected in a colonnade on the ground floor for market users and on the floor above there is a continuous continuation that connects the units.
Each building unit contains two levels, so that the flowers are stored on the ground floor and the flowers are sold on the top floor.
Each floor is 12 square meters in size, consisting of materials and technologies of light construction, manufactured in the factory and assembled on site.

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