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Residential Studio Project

Mentors: Dafna Matok and Leonardo Kelijman

A residential complex in South Tel-Aviv, comprising of 120 housing units that blend the vibrant urbanity of business and nightlife alongside residential life. Movement and circulation throughout the complex is facilitated by the balconies, connecting the duplex apartments. Each apartment has a balcony with a “double space” as part of the apartment space. The balcony allows light and ventilation to enter by opening and sliding the glass doors, making it possible to expand the apartment space. The spatial balcony refers to the urban space and its connection to the street at the urban level. In addition, the complex allows for a semi-public space, which contains public spaces such as a laundromat, gym, lounge room, library, work spaces, etc., all of which are spread between the floors of the building so that the spatial balcony connects and allows movement between them.

תכנית סביבה סופית-01.png
מבט כללי פרוייקט.png
חתך דירת אמצע.png

Corner Balcony Apartment


'L'  Balcony Apartment


Front Balcony Apartment

Sections & Elevations

קרקע סופית233.png

Ground Floor


Typical Floor

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